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Reviewing Your Pathology Tests

Reviewing your pathology tests. Functional review of pathology from naturopath.

Did you know that in addition to my expertise in gut microbiome analysis, I also have expertise in functional pathology interpretation? I offer all my patients full pathology reviews from a functional perspective. Reviewing your pathology tests can give us valuable information.

I incorporate these reviews into my consultations for all my new and existing patients, even just utilising general bloods from your GP, when you bring in a copy of your latest and/or past blood test results to your appointment. A lot of my regular patients will automatically grab a copy of their latest bloods after they have had their results appointment with their medical practitioner because they know that I’ll love to review them the next time that they see me.

Yes, I am a complete pathology nerd!

When I look at blood tests, I’m not just looking for any values in bold that have a “H” or “L” next to them, I’m also looking for where you are sitting within the reference range, and whether that is optimal from a functional perspective. You’ll be surprised what can be picked up regarding nutritional issues from general bloods, even if you’ve been told that your bloods are all “fine” but you’re still not feeling your best self. Sometimes you can be sitting borderline high or low in a reference range, which may still be impacting how you feel, especially when it comes to iron, B12, thyroid and adrenal hormones and reproductive hormones too.

How do I know how to do pathology reviews?

Well, since 2013 I have had additional, and ongoing, training in functional pathology interpretation in addition to all the extra training I’ve done regarding the complexities of gut microbiome analysis. In 2020, I completed a six-month masterclass in advanced functional pathology, and this year I started another masterclass specific to thyroid and adrenal functional pathology. Additionally, in the last two years, I’ve also completed several masterclasses in perimenopause/menopause, and the correct interpretation of reproductive hormone tests for my women/AFAB’s that come in to see me complaining of possible hormone imbalances, which are impacting their menstrual cycles and negatively impacting their premenstrual experience (e.g. PMS & PMDD).  

So, make sure you bring a copy of your latest test results with you when you have your next appointment with me, or better yet batch scan them and email them through beforehand to save time at the start of your appointment. 

If there are specific tests that I think may be useful after I have seen you for an appointment, and you can’t get them done via your GP, I can also order them privately for you (there is a cost involved for private testing), as I’m a registered practitioner with almost any functional lab you can think of in Australia including Dorevitch Pathology (for standard pathology testing), Nutripath, RN Labs, Clinical Labs, Microba and Co-Biome (for microbiome testing and analysis), and Stream Diagnostics (breath testing).

Ready to improve your health? Book in for a consultation and let’s get you feeling good again.

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