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Pomegranates and Gut Health

Pomegranates and Gut Health, gut, microbiome, naturopath, Kirily Thomas

Did you know that I use the humble pomegranate every single week in my practice where I’m often dealing with all sorts of complex and/or long-term gut issues? Pomegranates and gut health might not seem like the most obvious choice, but they can be a wonderful support to our gut health.

It’s such a wonderful friend to our gut microbiome! Prescribed correctly (including the right dose, and using the correct part of the plant – so important!), it’s one of those wonderful plant medicines that our less desirable bacteria *really* don’t like e.g. like E.coli (pathogenic species) and Salmonella spp..

But on the flip-side, pomegranate also nourishes promotes the growth of our beneficial flora (aka the good guys!) – just imagine Lactobacillus spp. blowing a big raspberry at pathogenic  E.coli! How cool is that?

Much to my patients’ dismay, it’s not those beautiful jewelled seeds that have the medicinal action that I am looking for when I am compounding unique herbal scripts for my patients. Instead it is the usually discarded pomegranate rind and husk, and sometimes other parts of the plant as well. Every time I pour pomegranate tincture for the first time in front of one of my patients, it never looks as pretty as they were expecting, with a common comment being that it looks like mud – but it’s some pretty special “mud” though! However, all is not lost, as those lovely jewelled seeds are still a wonderful source of antioxidants and polyphenols (their bejewelled red colour gives you clues about this action), which our beneficial gut flora love to eat.

So please keep adding fresh pomegranate seeds to your salads, and sprinkling them on top of your veggies! And I’ll just keep dispensing my wonderful, pomegranate-containing-herb-blends that are tailored to the individual requirements of my gut patients – only if they need it of course, as there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to gut health and our unique gut microbiomes.

As I work through my consultations every week, whether it be in my clinic or online, I often think about the wonderful job pomegranate is doing helping to support the balance of bacteria in the gut microbiomes of many of my patients!

Does your gut need some support? Book in for an appointment and let’s kickstart your healing journey.

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