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Mental Health


Mental health challenges can affect us temporarily or be something we need help to manage throughout our life. Our mental wellbeing can benefit greatly from a holistic approach that encompasses the physical, emotional and environmental aspects of mental health. With the right expertise and support, a real difference is possible.

Commonly Presenting Mental Health Issues

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about your mental health, unsure of the next steps to take, or wondering if you can blend complementary care with your current treatments, please book a consultation for some tailored support and advice.

How integrative naturopathy helps

Mental wellbeing is a key component of our overall health. A growing body of research shows how correcting nutrition can positively impact the health of the brain and nervous system. Likewise, the balance of our gut microbiome can influence moods.

Integrative naturopathy considers each person holistically – your unique health history, blood or functional test results, nutrition, diet, lifestyle and microbiome balance, to understand the underlying cause of mental health issues and the support options to make a difference to your overall health. 

Importantly, education about the complementary support that can be taken safely alongside prescribed medication is considered in an integrative approach. This is essential due to the possibility of interactions and any advice requires expertise and specialised training. When necessary, I can work alongside standard western medical treatments, taking care to avoid any possible interactions with pharmaceutical medications.

What to expect

All consultations begin with a detailed health history – your story – which provides a clear picture of the current state of your mental health and overall wellbeing.

Support for mental health issues may include:

Changes to mental wellbeing and overall health can take place quickly or gradually, depending on your health picture. During consultations, I take this into consideration for expectations that are honest, clear and adaptable to how you live your life.
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