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Gut Health

Support for Gut Health & Gastrointestinal Disorders

Digestive health issues can be overwhelming and complex often impacting on your daily life. However, with the right expertise, experience and support, a real difference is possible. I have extensive expertise in gut microbiome analysis as I am one of Dr Jason Hawrelak’s Certified Microbiome Analysts and Healthy Gut Practitioners via the Microbiome Restoration Centre (MRC). I’m also SIBO Doctor approved.

Commonly Presenting Digestive Conditions

If you’ve been putting up with niggling gut issues day to day or need help with managing more complex gastrointestinal conditions, please book a consultation, as change is possible.

How integrative naturopathy helps

Our digestive system is at the foundation of our health. Research is continually uncovering the importance of gut bacteria – our microbiota – for digestive health and its enormous influence on our overall health and wellbeing.

Integrative naturopathy considers your unique health history, blood or functional test results, nutrition, diet, lifestyle and microbiome balance to understand the underlying cause of gut health issues, improve digestive function, and support the health of your gut microbiome with the correct interventions. 

When necessary, I can work alongside standard western medical treatments, taking care to avoid any possible interactions with pharmaceutical medications.

What to expect

All consultations begin with a detailed health history – your story – which provides a clear picture of the current state of your gut health and overall wellbeing.

Support for digestive issues may include:

Changes to digestive health and overall wellbeing can take place quickly or gradually, depending on your health picture. During consultations, I take this into consideration for expectations that are honest, clear and adaptable to how you live your life.
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