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Chronic or complex illness can be particularly overwhelming and complicated. However, with the right expertise and support, a real difference is possible.

Commonly Presenting Chronic and Complex Conditions

If you’re feeling unsure, confused about where to start or at the end of your options for finding help; please book a consultation, as I can help you piece things together, guiding you forward in your health journey.

How integrative naturopathy helps

If you are managing a chronic or complex illness, integrative naturopathy can help bridge the gap between western and complementary medicine. With an understanding of both, I help navigate you through possible support options so you can experience the best of both worlds for your health.

Integrative naturopathy considers your unique health history, blood or functional test results, nutrition, diet, lifestyle and microbiome balance to understand any contributing factors influencing your chronic/complex health issues. This can help determine which support options will make a difference even if that is alongside your standard western medical treatment, whilst taking care to avoid possible interactions with pharmaceutical medications.

What to expect

All consultations begin with a detailed health history – your story – which provides a clear picture of the current state of your health and overall wellbeing.

Support for chronic or complex issues may include:

Changes to chronic or complex issues can take place quickly or gradually, depending on your health picture. During consultations, I take this into consideration for expectations that are honest, clear and adaptable to how you live your life.
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