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Discover more detail on how integrative naturopathy supports your health with my recent articles below.

Vegan Dolmades Kirily Thomas Naturally Balanced Healthcare, naturopath recipes, gluten free

Vegan Dolmades

A delicious slow cooked dolmades recipe that is vegan and gluten free.…
A Beginner's Guide to FODMAPs. Fodmap diet, Naturopath Kirily Thomas, low fodmap

A Beginner’s Guide to FODMAPs

Learn all about what FODMAPs are and if this diet is right for you.…
Healthy Ageing and your Gut Microbiota, Supporting Your Gut Microbiota to Promote Healthy Ageing Naturopath Kirily Thomas

Healthy Ageing and your Gut Microbiota

How the gut plays a role in healthy ageing.…
Quinoa Porridge, gluten free, oat free porridge, naturopath Kirily Thomas

Quinoa Porridge with Berries

A nourishing, warming breakfast perfect in winter time!…
Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids & Good Quality Fats brain health, naturopath Kirily Thomas

Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids & Good Quality Fats

Why are these so important for our health, particularly our brain health?…
Support Your Immune System This Winter, immune boosting, boost your immune system, naturopath, Kirily Thomas,

Support Your Immune System This Winter

Naturopath tips to keep you well during winter.…
The Health Benefits of Mushrooms. Mushroom nutrition, naturopath Kirily Thomas, naturopath tips

The Health Benefits of Mushrooms

Why are mushrooms so good our our health and gut health?…
Black Turtle Bean and Mushroom Burger recipe, naturopath recipe, nutrient dense, vegan, vegetarian

Black Turtle Bean and Mushroom Burgers

A hearty, healthy vegetarian alternative to meat-based burgers.…
How Endotoxins Impact Our Health. Endotoxemia, LPS, Melbourne Naturopath, Kirily Thomas

How Endotoxins Impact Our Health

What is endotoxemia and LPS bacterial compounds?…

Tomato, Olive & Lima Bean Stew

A delicious high fibre vegan meal that is good for your gut!…
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