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About Kirily

Hi, I’m Kirily

I understand that experiencing good health can be challenging. Like many practitioners, I came to naturopathic health through my own health challenges and quickly appreciated its place in a holistic healthcare system. With extensive study and continuing education over 18 years to become an Integrative Naturopath, I’m passionate about blending evidence-based care with traditional naturopathic principles to bring the best of health to my patients.

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Rest assured that there are never ‘too many things wrong’ or conditions ‘too complex’ to find answers that lead to a better level of health through my care.
I support people with stubborn gut issues, rebalance the gut microbiome, support mental health, balance moods, balance hormones and help people piece things together when they have a chronic or complex illness.
If you are also consulting with a GP, medical specialists, psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker or a counsellor, I can work alongside them and communicate where necessary. I can review previous test results, order new functional pathology tests, and where possible, work integratively with existing western medical treatments to help you achieve the very best health outcomes. As I’ve completed post-graduate studies in evidence-based complementary medicine, I keep up-to-date with research and have the experience needed to prescribe alongside pharmaceutical medications, identifying any possible interactions. There is always more that can be done to make a difference in your health and I find it in the detail.

Complementary Integrative healthcare




I believe in being true and honest with ourselves as we’re all human and perfection isn’t the goal. I navigate the steps for your improved health with honesty and empathy.


I value equality and inclusiveness for my patients and support their choices, in an open and respectful space.


I treat you with respect, kindness and empathy to provide healthcare that’s free from judgement.


Better health comes from knowledge. I empower and educate you to ‘graduate’ with health knowledge to live better every day.

Trusted Care

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